Could all this really be happening? The other day, I got a letter from an agency stating that they would try to read the synopsis of my film script soon. Today, I got a letter from another agency saying that not one, but TWO people have read my synopsis. Two whole people! If I were a character in an Agatha Christie novel, someone would be reaching for the smelling salts right now. These two people decided that my work isn't "quite right" for their agency (although there was "a great deal" they "enjoyed" about my synopsis) but that's besides the point at the moment.

Sixteen more bona fide rejections and I'll be in the same league as J K Rowling!

My other success concerns the illustrations for my children's book The Pumpkin Seed, the first 'drafts' of which I've finally had a chance to see. To call them most promising would be a gross understatment. I must ask her if she'd allow me to post some of them on this site...

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