Today, my mind seems unable to shake off the news that the world's first face transplant was carried out in France last weekend. At the moment, I know little about the event beyond what could be expressed in a single paragraph of newsprint. But even that was enough to spark off all sorts of thoughts and questions.

At the moment, our faces are so inextricably linked with our sense of who we are that the prospect of facial transplants becoming commonplace might force us to select some other part of our bodies to become the 'primary site' of our identities. I wonder what that part might be. Aren't most of them already 'transplantable'? Perhaps one day, when anything and everything can be lifted off one body and grafted onto another, we'll have to find some metaphysical ways of asserting our uniqueness... like blogs perhaps...? They're about as honest and transparent as most faces, aren't they?

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