I'll come clean: I've spent a great deal of today listening to a radio station which is giving away tickets to a certain global megastar's 'intimate' gig in London this Tuesday. I had a couple of goes at trying to get through on the competition phone line. Needless to say, I had no success (which is perhaps just as well, because the questions have been VERY hard!), but I was stunned by one DJ's admission that he'd received over 100,000 hopeful telephone calls in the space of 30 minutes! Only 1 caller out of those 100,000 could have won the tickets, which of course means (I'm so glad I did A Level Maths) that this competition's odds of success were 1 in 100,000.

Now, those of you who visit this site regularly will remember that in a recent post I described how one literary agency takes on only about 3 new authors out of approximately 15,000 submissions received every year... so the odds of success there are around 1 in 5,000.
So, guess what? That makes me one very happy unlucky fan, because it means I've got a MUCH bigger chance of being an author than I have of being at the Koko Club on Tuesday! I had no idea that I'm such an optimist...

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