Today I received a letter from an agent which was slightly different from those normally pushed through my door. This one stated that they would get back in touch with me as soon as "one of the Agents has had a chance to read" the stuff I sent them! I found this so hard to believe, I did wonder for a moment if it was someone's idea of a joke. But no, the missive looks genuine enough. I realise I shouldn't get too excited at this stage. After all, they haven't said they're going to read the whole script: all they've got at the moment is a synopsis and the first 18 pages of the screenplay. But at least this is a more encouraging development than the usual "sorry, we're currently inundated with work" response.

I've also just completed the first draft of a radio play entitled Voicemail and I'm about to start working on the second drafts of two children's books I wrote recently: The Pumpkin Seed and Lazy Bones. A good friend has already produced 25 illustrations for the former, but I have yet to see them!

So, yes, the muse has been generous of late.

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