Author Patrick Neate's website entry for the 22nd of October describes him trying to find metaphors in various oddities he encounters in everyday life. I wonder what he'd make of what happened to me the other day: my Oxfam MAKE POVERTY HISTORY wristband snapped in half! There's GOT to be a metaphor in there somewhere, surely.

Yesterday, I was in my car with a friend, when a football came flying over a fence and hit a pedestrian smack in the head. The pedestrian didn't seem overly perturbed. He just kicked the ball back over the fence. I have a feeling there must be methaphor in that, too. Or perhaps the richest metaphor is to be found in the fact that I didn't actually see the incident with my own eyes, because I was too busy focussing on the road ahead. I had to settle for having it described to me by the aforementioned friend.

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