Why are bitterness and resentment feelings we cling to more comfortably and more readily than openness and forgiveness? I think some people (and I absolutely do not exclude myself here) must be 'grudge addicts', getting off on feeling their stomach churn around with tension for days on end, (perversely?) enjoying the fact that they are standing on what they perceive to be the moral highground by maintaining a veneer of aloofness and dignified outrage.

My own answer to the question is that, as in so many other situations, the path of bitterness is chosen because it is much easier to find and much safer to tread. The opposite path is full of traps, full of secret passages which expose our vulnerabilities and it's also quite a lonely place. But I feel that whenever someone is bold enough to follow it, they enjoy the rewards brought by its destination, not least because the other path doesn't actually lead anywhere. It just keeps going round and round.

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