2019 Film Reviews - 30: Unhung Hero [dir. Brian Spitz; 2013]

In 2013, after struggling comedian Patrick Moote had his very public marriage proposal turned down on the basis that his girlfriend found his penis too small (yes, really) he decided to draw inspiration from the situation and embark on a study of phallic proportions. The result is this documentary, which sees him interacting with porn stars, self-help gurus and some seriously dodgy customers in an attempt to address an issue with which he becomes increasingly obsessed and fixated. The final conclusions he draws from his experience are predictable - and at times there’s an unshakeable feeling that some of what we see on screen has been rather conveniently staged - but the seeming innocence and naïveté with which Moote responds to his intriguing encounters makes the whole much more watchable than it probably has any right to be. And with a running time of 84 minutes, it definitely can’t attract any complaints about being too long. (Sorry.)



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