Is it possible to have far too much to do?

Yes, of course it is.

Is it possible that the state of having far too much to do is a regrettable state in which to find oneself?

Yes, of course, but perhaps not entirely regrettable.

Is it possible that the drawbacks of being in a state of having far too much to do outweigh the advantages?

Have you been placed in this state against your will?

No, not at all.

Well then, no, the drawbacks probably don't outweigh the advantages... because if you're in a state of having far too much to do, then chances are that you're fit and healthy enough to be able to do lots of things... so next week, when you stop off at Auschwitz on your way to Warsaw, tell yourself - not for the first time - to look around, stop moaning and be grateful that you're able to be busy.


Lorraine said…
Ah. I relate. Not the Poland part but the too busy part. Although I did realize that some of what I had intentionally taken on ought not have been and needed to go as it was getting in the way of the busy that I care about.

But still, point taken.
Dariush Alavi said…
Well, yes, that's a whole other topic: knowing which 'busy' to keep and which to ditch.

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