One of the many things I love about going on holiday is the wealth of new details which I'm able to bring home with me as souvenirs. Like:

If you leave a piece of kebab on the side of your plate at a stall in Marrakesh's Djmaa El Fnaa square, the hand of a beggar appears from the surrounding shadows and whisks it away.

Figs and dates blended with cinnamon and cumin make a fantastic drink.

The zebra crossing lights in Granada feature a 30 second countdown and an animated image of a man who walks faster and faster as the countdown reaches zero.

Cars should not be allowed in Arcos De La Frontera.

MacDonald's in Marrakesh is a magnet for Ferraris and prostitutes.

Couscous tastes the same wherever you go.

Wi-fi sounds much cooler when it's pronounced "wee-fee".

You can't walk around Seville Cathedral and be angry at the same time.


Anonymous said…
. . . and, an AK47 costs around five quid in Johannesburg.
Dariush Alavi said…
Does it really? Well, as long as the bullets cost thousands, I suppose we needn't worry!

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