Although I'm an avid cinema-goer, I've told myself I must resist the temptation of posting film reviews on this site. In a nutshell: I disagree with the idea that all people's opinions on all subjects are equally valid. My thoughts on the movies I watch are probably best kept to myself.

Having said that, I am going to allow myself to scribble a few words about a documentary currently showing at several UK cinemas: Taking Liberties (dir. Chris Atkins). In a manner that is as entertaining as it is shocking, it systematically works through some of Western society's most cherished ideals and shows how they have been deeply - perhaps irretrievably - compromised by the Labour government. Whether you're someone to whom the contents of such a film wouldn't come as news, or whether you think such documentaries are made by people who have too much time on their hands and get kicks out of coming up with consipracy theories, I would urge you to watch this movie if you possibly can.

One question I've often heard people ask in relation to Nazi Germany is: how did ordinary, decent, peace-loving Germans allow Hitler and his government to do all the unspeakable things they did? The most frightening thing about Taking Liberties is that it uses contemporary UK society to provide all-too-loud and depressing an answer to the question.

I heard a report on the radio today in which some educational researchers have discovered that young children still know the rules of ancient playground games and the words of old nursery rhymes, although they have never ostensibly been taught these things. The researchers have concluded that some parts of human knowledge and some aspects of human behaviour get passed on from one person to another by an intangible social osmosis. I have no doubt that this is true, which is why we cannot afford not to watch films like Taking Liberties. The main reason why Nazi Germany reached the point it reached was because the 'unspoken osmosis' won the day. People simply got on with their everyday lives and thought it would be easier to turn a blind eye to events taking place around them... until it was too late. The same thing could happen again anywhere in the world, not least in the 'developed West'. But one way in which it might not happen is if people become increasingly aware of the forces at work in their day-to-day existence. So do yourselves a favour and watch this movie.

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