Research for the novel continues at a steady pace. My Amazon purchase history now officially states that I am a dummy in the fields of architecture, marketing, psychology and public relations, but I'm not allowing my self-esteem to feel the sting. Having said that, I think it would be no bad thing if the handy, yellow-bound books came with a cut-out badge bearing the words 'No Longer A Dummy'. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down 'Assisted Suicide For Dummies' or 'Sleep Deprivation For Dummies', but Time magazine's online archive search has proved to be quite a fruitful source of articles on those two topics.

I wasn't quite such a dummy last week, though, when my brother contacted me from Poland asking for help with a problem. He wanted to listen to the commentary of a particular football match on a certain online radio station, but copyright reasons prevented the commentary from being streamed on the Internet. After a couple of shared, mini-brain-waves, we came up with a solution. I tuned to the station on a trusty, old-fashioned radio. We both logged on to MSN Messenger (aka Windows Live Messenger). We opened a 'Voice Chat'. I placed my microphone next to the radio's speakers. And the commentary travelled all the way to my brother's flat in Warsaw. I'm glad I'm still not blase about modern technology!

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