I was expecting a phone call from someone the other day. Nothing urgent. Just a work-related matter. The phone call never came. I thought nothing of it.

The day after, I received an apologetic email from the person who was supposed to have phoned. It turns out she had fully intended to give me a ring. She'd written my number on a Post-It and carried it around with her all day. But when the time came to phone me, the Post-It had vanished. She couldn't find it anywhere. And then she suddenly thought that maybe she'd left it behind in a pub. A minor freak-out ensued.

As it turns out, she'd left the Post-It on her desk in her office, but I almost wish her pub fear had come true. I've spent my drive-time of the last few days wondering what people might have done if they'd found the Post-It. Would the words "Must phone Dariush" have compelled them to reach for their mobiles?

I'll never know... unless I go out and leave Post-Its with my number on them in random pubs...

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