Reading Notes At Tales

Last Thursday evening the clouds moved aside to make room for a warm London sun, whilst I stepped into Foyles Bookshop (followed by a supportive entourage... thanks for coming, everyone!) to read my short story - Notes For A Play About Some Family - at Tales Of The DeCongested.

Even though I say so myself, the event went very well, not least because the quality of the stories by the other authors (Margot Steadman, Shaun Levin, Jonathan Attrill and Maggie Womersley) was so high. A big thank you to Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone and Paul Blaney for organising it all and to Timothy Alderson for taking photographs.

Within the next few days, my story will be posted on the DeCongested website. I will, of course, include a link to it here.

The first Tales Of The DeCongested anthology will be published in June and you can pre-order it on or by clicking here. The next event will be on Friday 26th May at 7 pm. Please visit the DeCongested site for further details.

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