I got a letter from the BBC's writersroom the other day. It was basically a rejection of my State Of Emergency script, but it also contained buckets of encouragement. Here are some of the good bits:

"a professionally written, compelling story which chillingly and atmospherically depicts future life"

"There are some interesting and wacky concepts here"

"Asha and Raya are intriguing characters"

"a well-written piece from an author with a good grasp of narrative showing potential for radio and TV as well as film"

Of course, there were bad bits too - they were the reasons why the script was rejected - but the final paragraph said that they're interested in "keeping abreast" of my writing career and that they'd like me to send them some more stuff... which is the best writing-related news I've had in a long time, so I allowed myself the faintest of smiles when I read the letter.

Soon wiped it off, though.

In other 'news', both courses are going well and are generating a few interesting ideas for films and novels. If I'm being honest, though, I'm currently less intrigued with the ideas themselves than I am with trying to work out where they come from. But I think my magnum opus about a struggling author who wants to unravel the workings of his mind can wait a while... certainly until March, anyway...

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